A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

I need a new computer. I admit it. Happy now?

So as college is quite a ways off, I have decided to hit up my family to help me to get a new one for school. Those of you who have spoken to me on AIM for five minutes (which I highly recommend, if for no reason than I personally like talking to new people on AIM) are familiar with Edward's attitude. If you haven't yet why not? here is a brief summary of the situation:

Edward, my laptop, is a secondhand HP Omnibook 6000, a computer that hasn't been made since, I believe, 1999. I got him this summer with a week of loyal service. Then my brother got his hands on him and upgraded him to XP. Despite repeated attempts to undo the damage this caused, it was too late: Edward freezes all the time, usually in the middle of AIM convos. When he freezes, I don't sign off of AIM so people usually have no clue I was gone and keep talking to me, prompting me to have to tell them to repeat themselves. Edward has good days, where he goes hours or even a whole day without freezing, and bad days, where he freezes several times in a row every few minutes. I am sure spilling milk in him in September didn't help, either. (I mean, his name is Edward, for Chrissakes.)

So while I have never lost any writing to the cavern that is Edward's shaky harddrive, I am constantly afraid of him crashing for good, plus research is a pain in the ass to do because of the tendency to freeze. (I am in the habit of hitting Ctrl+S every few seconds and have been ever since I was writing on my other computer, a nine year old HP that also freezes quite often, but that's an age thing.) So yes, I am admitting that I need a new computer (despite this one technically actually being my new computer.) And I will get a new computer. Eventually.

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