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In Loving Memory...

Tomorrow, January 25th, 2006, marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Jonathan Larson. Please take some time today to reflect on the beautiful gifts he's given us, especially Rent. Please also take some time today to read about Marfan Syndrome, which is the illness that lead to Jonathan's early death. Please go to Marfan.org for information. If you can, please make a donation.

Also, please check out:

The Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation, which was created by Jonathan's family to provide financial support and encouragement to artists.

Broadway Cares, an AIDS fundraising orginization.

One more thing...please pass this post along in your own journals/Myspace/whatever. One thing we should do on 1/25 is increase awareness of Marfan Syndrome. It would be appreciated.

Special thanks to potatomistress for the idea of increasing awareness of Marfan Syndrome and forget_regret_0 for the initial idea of making this post. Thanks also to princess__di for her suggestions.

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