A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo


So deuceloosely has offered to let me come to Tekkoshocon with him and his fiancee, and even pay part of my way. Should I go? On the one hand, I am saving money for my Broadway trip. On the other hand, I am a little bit ahead, plus I would like to try out either selling or giving away my aura readings at a con before I unleash it on an unsuspecting public for a few bucks. (Hooray for money making schemes and capitalizing on neurological conditions.)

Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone? Beuller?

ETA: Okay, so it looks like the flist wants me to go to Broadway. However, Tekko's artist alley coordinator told me that if I wanted to register for a table, I could sell my readings. (He told me he'd rather I do it on AA than in the halls, where I'd probably clog things up or make it hard to move.) So any thoughts taking in mind the new development? Keen in mind someone else paid for me to get there, and even if I don't sell many readings, I should have enough for food and such.
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