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A Guy Named Goo

Last Night, I Had a Dream...

I have come to the conclusion it's not that I never dream. Rather, it's if I sleep more than two hours, I forget what I dreamed, because every time I take short catnaps I wake up with vivid dreams on my mind. Weird mind.

Last night, I dreamt I was flying.

Okay, that's not exactly what happened. It was a really beautiful, vivid dream. Well, most of it, anyway. What happened was I was at an anime con, which usually goes very badly in my dreams. It was a small con, and it was set in this beautiful hotel with a courtyard in Portland, or that's what it felt like, and I was with wofl_iron.

After a brief episode where I nearly had my money stolen, we were out in the courtyard and it was dark, and some fireworks began to go off. The sparks rained down on us, and at first I was afraid of getting burnt. But then they began to hover and sparkle and it was gorgeous, and I felt like I was floating around with them. My feet never left the ground, but I sincerely felt like I was flying.

The dream ended randomly with a close friend telling me she recently found out she had AIDS, but I get the strong feeling I can't say who the friend was. Cue all my female close friends saying "was it me?". (Hint: my defintion of "close friend" is kind of loose in this case, so if you're my best friend, hint hint, it's not you.) I'm trying not to read too much into it, because it was more or less a footnote in an otherwise wonderful dream. It was just so random.

Also, my mother, as much as I hate her, has the unique ability to always call me to say something totally random and weird. My life would be less unique without her, apparently. This weekend, after she told me that I looked more and more like Mark every time she saw me, she called me last night to say there's a woman at her work that knits and she was going to get her to make me the scarf, but since I have it, she is going to get her to make me Mark's sweater. Which made me realize something: my mother would honestly rather me be a fictional character than myself. She seems honestly tickled that I am getting to be more like Mark every time she sees me.

Also, I slunk away from work early without my boss noticing to catch Anthony Rapp on the Tony Danza show. It's almost 10:30 (I usually get home between 10:15 and 10:20) and he hasn't even been announced yet before the commercial, let alone shown, but I know if I had left work when I was supposed to I would have missed him. Murphy's Law and all. For anyone on my flist who is fence sitting about getting his book, get it. It's amazing. He' so raw and open and honest and does nothing to glamourize himself or even make himself sound like a good guy. He's very real, and his writing style is awesome and fluid. And it's a quick read. I'm a third of the way through in a day, and I read at a snail's pace.

ETA: Yes, I watched Tony Danza. My thoughts are on inapropothought. That's not the reason for the edit. The reason for the edit is I am nearly out of smokes, and it's causing me to panic. I don't smoke a lot. I've had this pack for nearly two months, and counting the one I'm smoking now, I have three left. But I have this knee-jerk reaction, which I think is called addiction, whenever I realize I am almost out. Like I will never be comfortable unless I know I have enough smokes to last me through nuclear winter. I've thought about switching to normal cigarettes, because they're cheaper and easier to find, but I like living in my little bubble of denial that cloves are, if not good for me, at least not as bad for me as cigarettes.

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