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GIP and Creativity R Us

New icon made for me by the lovely and wonderful pyralisha. Ask and ye shall recieve.

Okay, so I am entering a creative fugue state, it seems. For those of you unfamiliar with this state, or that this is what it was called, a creative fugue usually lasts a period of a few months and is marked by me writing a lot more than usual, usually equal amounts fic and originals. But the trade-off is I eat less, sleep less, smoke a lot more (I normally smoke about a pack a month. During a creative fugue, I smoke three or four smokes a day), and am generally moodier and more quiet. When I do talk, I'm usually babbling on about my latest project or bitching about something. (Those of you who are new and are saying "that's different from normal how?", not that I start getting into these for a few months before I finally get officially into them. I mark "officially" as being when I've stopped eating and sleeping and start noticing I'm visiting the smokeshop weekly.) I am also usually unemployed during these periods, but I'm usually unemployed a lot of the time.

If I get into school, though, I am quitting my current job. There's no room anymore. It's stifling, and I hate the new woman there. She treats me like shit and I've done nothing to her, and she's my boss's boss's mother so I can't complain. (Yay, nepotism.) There's just no room in the kitchen for five or six people at once, and she bitched and moaned until she got put back there instead of me getting more hours. I just can't live like that. It's so not worth what I make (for the horribly curious, about $85 a week. No, seriously. I work for a non-profit, so they aren't bound by Maine minimum wage laws. After my bills and helping around the house, I have nothing to survive on).

Now I'm going to go and love my icon some more. And write. And not eat and sleep. ANd maybe smoke some more. Yeah, that all sounds good. Later.

But before I go, just note this: fic Victor = about ten times cooler than RP or AIM Victor. If this fic never gets off the ground, he is so becoming a refugee somewhere else, because I adore him. He's different, but at the same time it's clearly him.
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