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07 March 2006 @ 02:52 pm
Yes, I logged onto LJ! And what's more, I changed my profile for the first time in years! (I have been adding and subtracting to it, but never really changing it.) Now methinks I need a new journal layout. Anyone willing to help me? Anyone at all? wofl_iron? chibi_kage? Beuller?
Lady Cyonwofl_iron on March 7th, 2006 12:11 pm (UTC)
asdfjl; if my mom stops being a bitch any time soon, I'll make you one.
Amata: *face palm* idiotsrougaroux on March 7th, 2006 06:14 pm (UTC)
Whee for the Jewish/Wiccan boy *does little happy dance for you* Aww, I'm mentioned. Love you too <3 If I could, I'd make you a layout, but as it is...my skills are not existent. So....I'll be here for moral support ^_^
Samantha: [ RENT ] angel indeed.pyralisha on March 7th, 2006 08:18 pm (UTC)
No, I won't be staring at your new layout or anything.