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10 April 2006 @ 02:19 pm
So one of the contestants on Funniest Mom in America 2 is from Portland, ME. I highly doubt she'll win, though. Her style is very sarcastic and deadpan, and although I like it, the more flambouyant ones seem more likely. (I hope the bitch from LA gets knocked out next.)

Yes, I resist the draw of Survivor, Queer Eye, and every other reality TV show in existence, just to fall into the trance of Funniest Mom in America, of all things.

Oh, and I'm unemployed again. Huzzuh.
A Trainwreck in Transitmalakijr on April 10th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
I tend to gravitate more toward the dry, sarcastic wit, too. It resonates more with my personality.

Being unemployed sucks...but I suppose it's a chance to maybe find a better work environment. I know I did...so I'm glad now, all I have to do when I'm tempted to hate my job is remember what it was like to not have one and I instantly feel better. :-p I hope you find something soon...
dracschick: My_OT4dracschick on April 10th, 2006 10:31 pm (UTC)
Sad to hear it.......
good luck with finding a new job.


do take care,