A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

More Funniest Mom

The unfunny bitch that bumped out the woman from Maine last week lost this week. Yay. ^_^ But the cute British lady (well, she was born in New Jersey, but raised in Britain so she has the accent) had to leave, because she found out her daughter was sick in the hospital. Supposedly. Are they booting them two at a time every week?

Two weeks left, apparently. The preview said next week they're booting the last mom before the final face off. Then I can get my life back. (Last week they just had a two hour special with five finalists, so I guess they're going to do that again this year, after the very short reality show rigamorale.)

ETA: Is it just me, or are Organization XIII from KH:CoM/KH2 basically Shinra reincarnated?

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