A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Whee Movies!

I got David Searching and Open House. Mmmm Anthony-filled weekend. ^_^

Convo between me and Ana on the phone about David Searching:

Me: He actually plays a gay guy!
Ana: Oh my God!
Me: I know! Anthony being gay! Can you imagine it?!
Ana: Of course not!
Me: It's unbelievable!
Ana: There are riots in the streets when Anthony acts gay!
Me: *Pause* You know, if that were true, Anthony is to blame for the whole Middle East fiasco.

(To those who don't know anything about Anthony Rapp, 1.) you haven't been reading my LJ and 2.) he is gay. Okay, so he's queer, which means he doesn't exclude the possibility of being with women, but he's been mostly with men for years, and has said that he can only really form emotional attachments to men. But even when he plays straight characters, he acts pretty damn gay. Like the gaydar goes off the charts.)

And a note to Victoria: for shits and giggles, I looked for Adam's books while I was in Borders. They actually had one of his out of print books there. When I have money again, I plan to pick it up (along with 33 Snowfish). I doubt they're going anywhere, since this is East Bumfuck, Maine we're talking about.
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