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Best E-mail Ever

Okay, so my mother's an idiot. Only click the cut if you don't mind spoilers of the season finale of House and you want to point and laugh at my mother as well.

E-mail I just got from my mother:

"You could have told me House gets shot !

Holy Shit !

I was driving to New Hampshire yesterday and set up my computer in the
passenger seat, figure I would catch the last two episodes while
driving...Great idea right.

So I get just outside of Waterville and the show starts and I am driving and
watching , watching and driving ( 85 MPH ) then.....Bang !

I almost went off the road ! I was hollering OMG , he shot him ! He shot
House !

If I could have pulled someone else over and told them also , I think I
would have.

What a shock !

Love Mom"

Smooth move, Mom. ~_~
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