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29 August 2006 @ 11:37 am
House in MAD and Movies!  
So my order to get the issue of MAD with House in it got cancelled because they apparently didn't have it in stock. Not to worry, though: I went to the comic book shop across the street where I work, asked if they kept back issues, and it turns out they do. For about two years, even. I'll have to keep that in mind. ^_~

Anyway, I'll be scanning the MAD spoof this weekend, but here's my objective review as a lifelong MAD reader and lover:

Art Style: B-
Mort Drucker's art has gone down in quality over the years. He used to do really great caricatures, but lately it seems like he's not even trying to make the characters look anything like the actors they are supposed to be caricatures of. There are a few really good panels, though.

Writing: D
I don't know who this Arnie Kogen guy is, since I haven't seen him writing for MAD before, and I am hoping the fact that I haven't seen him recently means he isn't any longer. First, he made it painfully obvious he has never actually seen the show he is parodying. Case in point: calling Stacy House's ex-wife. Repeatedly. Further: saying Wilson was a member of House's diagnostic team. Repeatedly. Also, you occasionally read a parody of something where it becomes painfully obvious the person who did the writing actually really hates what they're parodying. The spoof of the Lemony Snicket books was an amusing example of this. This spoof, however, not so much. It reads less like the level of satire I've come to expect from MAD (yes, I have standards for MAD Magazine. Shut up) and more like a person who catches maybe a few pieces of one or two episodes, decides they don't like something, then mocks it incessantly. Why it didn't get an F: it pointed out what I've been saying since I first got into House (that House is a scary amalgamation of two doctors from ER), it had a couple of panels that actually had things House would probably say (even though I don't think the writer was aware of that), and it has House/Cameron shipping. Although House told Cameron he wouldn't be interested in her unless she contracted a rare disease. :P (In canon, it's the other way around: Cameron is the one who likes people who are pathetic and dying.)

Humor: D+
Most of the chuckle-worthy lines came from the fact that Kogen unintentionally hit on things that would have been said in canon. Drucker is the one who got the most laughs, though, with the random background patients such as Uncle Sam on life support. That, and there's just something hilarious about how he drew Dr. Kerry Weaver from ER. It's as if he's having her say "you wanna go, bitch? My crutch can take your cane anytime!"

Overall Grade: C-
Not Drucker's best work, but his sight gags pulled it completely out of the pit of Bad Parody Hell. If Kogen isn't gone by now, though, he should be. Or at least stick to spoofing things he's actually seen. That's kind of the point of satire: you make fun of things you're familiar with so that it strikes a chord with other people who are familiar with it and makes them realize the humor in it. There's a lot that can be parodied in House, but Kogen was too busy making it apparent that he hates the show and thinks it's unoriginal.

And also, if anyone's going to see a movie anytime soon, see Little Miss Sunshine. I saw it this weekend. Ever seen a movie where everyone got up and gave it a standing ovation after it was over? Yeah, that's what happened at this movie. It's amazing.
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lallyloo: lms - runlallyloo on August 29th, 2006 04:12 pm (UTC)
Yes! I saw Little Miss Sunshine on Saturday, and the audience had the same reaction. It was brilliant :)
A Guy Named Goo: Mark Against the Grain by yodallamaaguynamedgoo on August 29th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC)
I saw it on Saturday, too. I was amazed at how brilliant it was. Everything about it was perfect, even when it was predictable. And Steve Carell was perfect in his role. Apparently they were trying to cast someone bigger for the part (namely Bill Murray) and were actually really hesistant to cast him (since the movie was made before he became such a big star thanks to 40 Year Old Virgin, another movie that was much better than I expected it to be, and the Office), but I am so glad that he got the part. I can't picture anyone else doing a better job.