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My Arm Is Out to Get Me...

So I have to postpone moving to New York a bit longer, thank you very much bad arm. What happened: lately I have been having worsening arm pain (I've had chronic arm pain since last April). Because it's too easy to call it carpel tunnel and, you know, do something about it, I have been bounced from doctor to doctor and poked, prodded, tested, and medicated every which way.

Due to my sucky insurence, I can't get the tests I need to prove I have carpel tunnel until late October (due in part to my having already had these tests once before a year ago in October and my HMO only approving one test a year). I was given meds, but the doctor failed to mention that they are basically glorified aspirin, which explains why they made me feel so shitty (aspirin and acetaminophen both make me really sick).

So basically, due to being unable to do much work until my arm gets fixed, I can't move to NYC until 1.) I get my arm fixed, 2.) my insurence runs out in January, or 3.) I snap, realize that Maine has finally crushed all but a tiny bit of my soul, and run away before it can eat me alive.

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