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So no one has been concerned by the lack of LJ entries, because I rarely update my LJ, anyway. However, some people have noticed me not being on AIM for extended periods of time, only giving short replies to other people's LJs, not writing as much, and in general just being conspicuously absent. Well, here's the story:

For those of you following the Arm Saga, after a year and a half I finally got the right diagnosis for it. It actually came from a medical student, so my love of med students has now increased about a thousandfold. Basically, where everyone was telling me it was just tendonitis or possibly carpel tunnel (which is wrong, since carpel tunnel affects the median nerve on the opposite side of where my arm hurts), this guy finally ran some really simple tests to confirm I have what's called an ulnar nerve entrapment. The ulnar nerve, a.k.a. the funny bone, is stuck inside inflamed muscle, which is really painful, as one can imagine.

The good news is they can probably fix it. The bad news is it's actually a lot worse than carpel tunnel, requires a far more extensive surgery, and because I have been doing things like working with it for a year and a half and typing steadily, it's possible I'll have permanant neuropathy even after I get it fixed. Since it has been getting a lot more painful over the past month or so, I have been trying not to type as much to keep it from getting sore, so that's where I've been: here, doing nothing but writhing in pain.

So, um...yay closure?
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