A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Employed Again!

Managed to land a seasonal job at Toys R' Us. Not hard, actually. They told me during the one-on-one interview that between my already having toy store experience and my attitude during the group interview, I was pretty much a shoe-in (they had three spots and six applicants). The one-on-one was basically "when can you start?" and "fill out your W-2 and emergency stuff".

The problem is that I am working the 10 PM - 6 AM shift, which is good because I'm a night owl, I won't have to deal with people, and I'll get to listen to my MP3 player while I work, but is bad because what little social life I have usually occurs in the evening and at night, if I work on Tuesday I'll miss House (not a big deal. I can just download it the next day. Still, if anyone watches House and talks to me on AIM the day after it's on if I've had to work, don't spoil me), and I am not entirely sure how to get there and back. I'll probably have to drive myself, although I don't have my license yet (I am now qualified to get it, so I should probably fix that...). Plus it's a job with heavy lifting, so I'll have to wear my arm brace and probably end up crying in pain by the end of the shift.

Still, for $8.50 an hour and a chance (actually, a likelihood) of staying on or moving up, I'd let them beat my arm with a hammer.
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