A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

My Life Sucks: A Symphony in Four Parts

Those of you who just friended my LJ recently for whatever reason probably noticed that I never update. Well, no reason, I just don't. But hey, might as well today, because I need to vent and generally feel sorry for myself.

Prepare for whiny uncut emo shit (read: skip it).

Part One:
I hurt my arm working a soul-crushing job two years ago. Since then, I have been misdiagnosed, mistreated, written off, insulted, and manhandled by every medical professional that I know as I lived in increasing and nearly intolerable pain. Took up stress smoking habit shortly after I started that job. I lose the only job that was sympathetic to my condition, due to a combination of my steadily increasing pain and shitty office politics. Smoking habit increases to about half to three quarters of a pack a day.

Part Two:
Take a header on a freshly mopped kitchen floor before Christmas. Didn't think it was a problem, it just sucked. Finally get a doctor who knows what the fuck she's doing this week, and she finds not only my "mythical" arm problem, but that I have apparently herniated a couple of discs in my neck during the slip and fall. Find out I probably need to have two surgeries instead of just one. Smoking habit now well over a pack a day.

Part Three:
My health insurance is abruptly cut off in light of me now being 21 and unemployed, so now I know what's wrong and can't get it fixed. Being told by everyone to consult with a lawyer. Have taken up drinking.

Part Four:
Find out that my student loans are taking my income tax refund, leaving me penniless on top of everything else. People who are usually sympathetic suddenly trying to feed me "look on the bright side" crap that I don't want to hear, and ignoring my 50,000 other problems in favor of the "at least the student loan is paid off" thing. Drinking almost nightly to keep from jumping off the bridge and into the river. Or, considering the river is frozen, probably onto it.
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