A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I got a bag of Sixlets from my mom. More than I expected, since I long outgrew Easter presents, but it's appreciated. I don't care much for chocolate and they're made from carob. Yum. ^_^

My aunt cried, bitched, and moaned about my great-grandmother all through dinner, the ham was mostly raw so we're probably gonna get tapeworms and/or food poisoning, and my father stole my rootbeer. All in all, another holiday meal with my family.

ETA: I also decapitated one of my dolls to send her head to Fin tomorrow. Fun for the whole family! I gave my friends a running commentary as I was doing it. I don't have a box for it, so I'm going to have fun explaining it at the post office tomorrow (I'm having her eyes switched, for those of you wondering why I'm mailing a disembodied doll head to somebody).

Speaking of dolls, I got slytherinblack to invest in Josefina, because a lot of her stuff is slated for the chopping block this summer. Because AG are assholes. I've almost got trollopfop sold on her for the same reason.
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