A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

State of the Goo Address

So recently I got a few new pals via the Doctor Who Doctor/Rose comms. Hi, new pals! *Waves* I figured I'd do the neighborly thing and actually post. Here's how it goes over here on the Gooniverse:

1.) Cut your damn spoilers. I'll probably click them, anyway, but it'll be my own damn fault. Uncut spoilers for anything will result in me being a vengeful Goo. It's not a pretty sight.

2.) I think Martha is very hot, and I like what I've seen of her so far. That said, I'm obsessive about my OTP. Them's the ropes. As I told someone on T&C: "I'm too busy imagining Goo/Martha to ship Doctor/Martha". In my happy little fantasy world, Rose is still the Doctor's one and only, and someday she'll come back and they'll live happily ever after. My fantasy world has a green sky and kittens that tap dance gaily.

3.) My partner in crime/platonic soulmate is trollopfop. Should I be unable to perform my Gooly duties, you all answer to her. slytherinblack is next in the chain of command. She is uninitiated in the ranks of Doctor Who love, so help me gang up on her.

4.) I rarely post. I go through periods where you'll see a random post every few days or so, and then it won't be uncommon to not see me posting on my LJ for long stretches of time. Sometimes months. My LJ is largely a tool for me to access LJ comms, basically. On the same coin, you may find I don't respond to other people's entries all that often. There are some people I consistently respond to, but don't take it personally if you don't see me commenting often. I don't even comment on my closest friend's LJ.

5.) I collect dolls. I hang out on some really batshit insane collector boards. Some of my LJ friends I met via these boards, but they're the good kind of insane. Respect the dolls, and you'll all be the first to see Rose!doll when she's finally finished.

6.) I'm totally batshit insane. I admit it. I revel in it.

7.) maverickgenius is my writing LJ. Working on Doctor Who stuff right now, but I have some House, RENT, and Fullmetal Alchemist stuff on it if anyone wants to take a peeky-peek (I locked some of the FMA stuff during Strikethrough, though).

8.) If this is your first time at Fight Club, you have to fight.
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