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Criminy Jim Jim...

Okay, for reals now: what part of "I'm batshit insane" do people not seem to grasp? I'm not saying it to be cute. I'm saying it because I am seriously miswired in ways that don't have names or disorders attached to them, and yeah, I really like it that way.

I'm obsessive, I'm moody, I take things way too personally and seriously, it's not hard to make me cry. I hear fictional characters talking to me in my head and I'll probably fucking make you want to back away slowly and call the men in white if you argue with me about this or my interpretation of characters. I have my moments where I'm funny and charming and my moments where I'll very likely take your head off over something comparatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

I have insane amounts of stress and I internalize the vast amount of it, which is why you'll see me losing my top over little things. And when people gang up on me, expecting a reaction, then they'll probably get one.

So let me make this clear one more time: I am batshit insane. And right now, I could really, really, really go for a cigarette.
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