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- Finally meet maine_shortie's fiancé so he/they don't think I am trying to avoid him. - Done.
- Finally locate Jacob the Loser and see about getting his ass over here for more Doctor Who, possibly with maine_shortie and aforementioned fiancé. suneko, if you see/hear from him before I do, tell him I'm hunting him down? - They came, they saw, they geeked out.
- Rope the people I listed into bringing booze to this planned meet and geek. - Didn't happen, but can't win'em all, right? The next meet and geek will probably be another big Heroes party, and there's always booze at those things.
- Stop procrastinating on my Anywhere But Cardiff story. I actually got a good chunk of it done before I got waylaid.
- If I am not going to work on Anywhere But Cardiff, at least work on some other grand piece of Who fiction. May take a poll to see what people would most like to see, just so I know which bunny to pick out of the litter. - Blogathon fixed that right up.
- See Transformers, the Simpsons Movie, and Hairspray.
- Sleep.
- See if I can talk my dad into buying me the Doctor Who novel I want and they happen to have at B. Dalton right now so I don't have to order it off of Amazon. Tell him I finished the last book he bought for me. (I didn't, but I have been reading it and I should be finished in the next week or so.) - Success, surprisingly enough.
- Finish reading that book, now that I mention it. - Took longer than I wanted to, but I finished it. Also, it had a hell of a depressing ending. Shouldn't have expected differently from a book called "Year of Endless Sorrow", I guess.
- Spend more time in book stores so I don't have to actually buy HP7 when I break down and read the damn thing.
- Or borrow it from suneko, if she'll be so kind...
- ?????
- Profit.

To be crossed off as completed. Not really for anyone's reference but my own, but if anyone whose names I named wants to help me out, I'd be much obliged.

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