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I love how Doctor Who affords me so many opportunities to use really dumb subject lines on my LJ. That makes it all worth it right there.

First, thanks to a discussion with keristars (more like I ranted, she mourned the loss of French dictionary to ants. It was really like we were having separate convos), I decided to take a tally of how often, in New Who, they visit the past, the future, or stay in the present. Also noted locations. Here are my results:

Series One Stats:
Present Day: 4
"Rose" - London
"Aliens of London" - London
"World War III" - London
"Boom Town" - Cardiff
Past: 4
"The Unquiet Dead" - Cardiff, 1869
"Father's Day" - London, 1987
"The Empty Child" - London Blitz, 1941
"The Doctor Dances" - London Blitz, 1941
Future/Alien World: 5
"The End of the World" - Platform One, 5 billion years into the future
"Dalek" - Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 2012
"The Long Game" - Satellite 5, 200,000 AD
"Bad Wolf" - Satellite 5, 200,000 AD
"Parting of the Ways" - Satellite 5, 200,000 AD

Series Two Stats:
Present Day: 5
"The Christmas Invasion" - London
"School Reunion" - London
"Love and Monsters" - London
"Army of Ghosts" - London
"Doomsday" - London
Past: 3
"Tooth and Claw" - Scotland, 1879
"The Girl in the Fireplace" - Abandoned Spaceship, 51st Century and France, 18th Century
"The Idiot's Lantern" - London, 1953
Future/Alien World: 7
"New Earth" - New Earth, 5,000,000,023 AD
"The Girl in the Fireplace" - Abandoned Spaceship, 51st Century and France, 18th Century
"Rise of the Cybermen" - London, 2006, Parallel Universe
"The Age of Steel" - London, 2006, Parallel Universe
"The Impossible Planet" - Base on Planet Orbiting a Black Hole, Unknown Point in the Future
"The Satan Pit" - Base on Planet Orbiting a Black Hole, Unknown Point in the Future
"Fear Her" - London, 2012

Series Three Stats:
Present Day: 4
"The Runaway Bride" - London
"The Lazarus Experiment" - London
"Blink" - London
"The Sound of Drums" - London
Past: 3
"The Shakespeare Code" - London, 1599
"Daleks in Manhattan" - New York City, New York, United States, 1930
"Evolution of the Daleks" - New York City, New York, United States, 1930
"Human Nature" - Rural England, 1913
"The Family of Blood" - Rural England, 1913
Future/Alien World: 5
"Smith and Jones" - The Moon, Present Day
"Gridlock" - New New York, New Earth, Sometime After 5,000,000,023 AD
"42" - Spaceship Hurtling Toward a Sun, Unknown Point in the Future
"Utopia" - Malcassairo, 100 Trillion AD
"Last of the Time Lords" - London, 2008

Present Day: 13
Past: 10
Future/Alien World: 17

Note: These are based on where the majority of the action/where the focus of the plot is. Hence only "The Girl in the Fireplace" got classified twice, since both times and places were equally important.

My rant was about them not going into the past often, but it turns out they go into the past more often than I thought they did, almost as often as they stay in the present, which is where I thought they went most often. So it was pretty enlightening to find out Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before is what's really in-vogue with New Who.

And now, a lot about things no one cares about! Humor me here, even if you just hit something at random to give me some sense of direction. It'll be greatly appreciated.

Pick out a plotbunny for me to focus on! If I am only going to get "epic" ideas, might as well pick one out and let it grow up. So you guys can pick which one I focus on first. Meet the most persistent bunnies:

"Home" - The Doctor and Rose visit Home, a desert planet, around the year 100,000, where miners working for the First Human Empire and the non-human inhabitants are engaged in a war over the fate of the planet. But when the Doctor and Rose end up on opposite sides of the conflict, they find out things may not be as black and white as they believe.

No title yet, work with me here - This would end up becoming multiple fics. It's a combination reunion/baby!fic, but with some dark twists. Far into the Doctor's future, he finally manages to get reunited with Rose, but life without him hasn't treated her well. When they have a son together, the Doctor finds out that perhaps continuing his race now that his planet is gone may be his deadliest mistake...

Plotbunny arcvert gave me without realizing it - Doomsday spoilers. Have a mini-cut:
Instead of being brought to the other universe, Rose is pulled into the Void with the Daleks and the Cybermen. Another reunion!fic with a much darker flavor and some adventure mixed in.

My First Series - A collection of several fics in the same 'verse, but not immediately obviously connected to one another. Starts out a mid-S2 genfic and goes into a different kind of reunion fic. Also adds a future incarnation of the Doctor and his companion out to lend a hand, which is also D/R, but it's not immediately obvious how/why. Strange and hard to explain in a quick blurb.

Poll #1029219 Which Bunny Do I Feed?

Which bunny do I feed?

Untitled One
The one arcvert provided
Your First One

If you want some more plot details/need me to explain anything before you vote and you're honestly interested in seeing any of these come to fruition, please comment before voting and I'll explain things/give you a sampling from my notes (I am an obsessive note-taker).

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