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The Long, Dark Tea Time of the Soul

Last night the storm to end all storms blew through my little area (yes, slytherinblack, Maine got tornados. Not my area and it turns out they weren't technically tornados, but a type of low-powered cyclone that did no damage and looked really cool, so I wish it had been in my area). It knocked out the Internet at about 7PM, and last I checked (at about 10 AM) it was still out in my area, so I went to my mother's to use the computer.

What really pisses me right the hell off was when the power went out, I tripped over my laptop and broke it. I ripped the monitor off and the modem out, and neither will go back on right. I can get it to turn on, at least, but it won't connect to the Internet or home network (although the 'net was still out, it kept doing a "trying to connect" window when I turned it on, and I could access the other comp. I could get neither after that). Since I have no disc drive or CD burner, my Anywhere But Cardiff story, which was about 40% finished, is trapped in the harddrive of that computer, along with a shitload of other stuff, including my impressive rare MP3 collection. My brother is going to see if he can fix it, but now I most likely won't be able to finish my Anywhere But Cardiff story on time. Shitfuck.

This was all because my life has just been going so well so far, I'm sure.

ETA: As of half an hour ago, I have Internet back. Actually, it turns out they were lying to get us off of the phone when they said my area had an outage. When I got an actual tech support rep (who was most helpful and I treated him very nicely, trollopfop), he checked my modem and said I have been connected all day, then told me to reset my router. Worked like a charm. (I remembered to reset the modem after the initial outage, but the router thing slipped my mind. D'oh.) If only anyone else had bothered actually doing their job, it would have saved me an entire day of grief.

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