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So, do I watch "Human Nature" on CBC tonight (and, obviously, "Family of Blood" next week), or do I read the novel (the BBC has free e-books, including "Human Nature" and "Lungbarrow", the two I wanted to read!), watch it when it comes on Sci-Fi, and do a detailed comparison? Decisions, decisions... (I guess, considering I've already seen that arc, it wouldn't kill me to watch, then read to compare, but still.)

ETA: Six minutes from post to decision. New record, I'm sure. Anyway, Anywhere But Cardiff posting opened today, and although the mods are very understanding about my laptop situation (now I feel bad about getting so mad at them when I got my prompts) and agreed to even extend my deadline if I can't get my story done by the close of posting (they said they'll let me post it as an ABC story and put it on the master list), seeing all the people who finished already posting their prompts is making me feel like a slack-ass, so I should work on that tonight and worry about the "Human Nature" comparisons at my leisure (after all, it's not like I don't have all of S3 DLed or anything. Shhh!).
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