A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

The Dream

Feel free to analyze the hell out of it. I had this dream last week and it was really weird, but also not half bad:

It starts with me going to the movies with my father and brother, like we used to before he went to Iraq. As usual, my brother and father sit near the back and because I forgot my glasses I had to sit near the front, but in the middle (IRL I always take an aisle seat). The screen looks normal and has red curtains like a stage to either side of it, and the seats recline really far. Too far, although no one behind me seems to care. And when I lean back and look up, the ceiling is high up. Really high. (When I was younger I was afraid of cielings that were high, like in an auditorium or higher. Mostly stemming from a strange rapport with balloons and the fact that every time I looked up, I'd see a balloon stuck up there.)

So I look up, and I am feeling nervous just like I did when I was a kid. And there's a mural up there. And for some reason I identify it with Get Backers (I believe one of the dark caritcatures, since they were just sillouhettes with hair colors like something out of Utena, had a red star on it's face). Then the movie starts. I don't remember the lights dimming, but I do remember they are dim when it starts.

And Owen Wilson is the main character, but everyone else is a Get Backers character, only live action. I can only remember that Ginji looked really cute but had a Raitei hairstyle, and Himiko was standing in broad daylight at the end of street (the buildings just suddenly cut off and the road, with green grass, went on), and she was wearing black leather (similar to a trenchcoat, but not. Think manga Kanou) and looking really hot. She was either Asian, although something about my recollection says maybe she was closer to Hispanic, and she had really short black hair and the star on her face, and all I could think of was how gorgeous she was.

So I get up and I step out into the lobby, which isn't like any theatre I can remember but it seems really familiar, right down to the guy working the desk. And my stepmother is there, asking where my father is. I go into the men's room to shake her, and I don't remember how but I end up in the lobby having somehow shaken her. I seem to recall some sort of side entrance. I go back into the theatre and the lights aren't dimmed anymore although they aren't really that bright either, like the movie is over. And I say something to my father and brother, and they run out of the theatre. I go into the lobby again, and the man working the desk is ignoring me and my stepmother is there again. She calls out to me, but I book it into the nearest theatre, which was showing the Passion of the Christ (which I haven't seen so I have no clue why the scenes were so vivid since I have never seen the movie and it wasn't from the trailer).

And then it was over.

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