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Music = Sad

This is what I get for, instead of sleeping 9.5 hours before a funeral, listening to music I know will make me sad:

So I got the Doctor Who S1/S2 soundtrack from Ishohunt COMPLETELY LEGALLY, and reached the following conclusions:

1.) The extended/full version of "Song for Ten" = the story of the Doctor and Rose, from beginning to end. Emphasis on the end. I've never found a song that makes me want to smile and cry at the same time as much as this one.

2.) "Doomsday" is such a beautiful song. I wish it didn't wrench my heart out, throw it to the ground, and stomp it to pieces every time I listen to it.

3.) Thank you, "Love Don't Roam", for giving me a much-needed smile. And an urge to dance. Neil Hannon FTW.
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