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I finished reading Human Nature last night. What a load of crap that was. Seriously, I really liked the episodes of the show, but the book was just surreal, everyone's motivation for everything they did was "for shits and giggles", I wanted to beat the companion several times, and just on a technical level, I've never read a book so poorly edited. The grammar and formatting were terrible. And I'm not just talking about the difference between American and British grammar. Commas thrown around where ever, apparently in place of deleting a word because there were random, useless words everywhere, no concept of a scene break...

I'll detail the differences between the show and the book if you want, but you can pretty much just take my word on the only similarities are the general plot and the Joan subplot. Even Joan's job description is different in the book (she's a science teacher, not a nurse). Hell, it's even set at a different time (show as set in November of 1913, book was set in spring of 1914).

So now I'm reading Lungbarrow. For all that it gets a bad wrap, I already enjoy the author's notes and intro more than the entirety of Human Nature. Also, most of the details the book gets blamed for weren't its fault: there were references to the Looms and the Doctor's asexuality in Human Nature, which was published two years before Lungbarrow. Lungbarrow was just the book that tied up the continuity of all of the novels up until that point and presented everything in one place, since it was technically the last of the Virgin novels. And points to the author for having a sense of humor about it.

Okay, done with the ranting. More reading and writing.

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