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When It Rains...

My Internet keeps cutting out EVERY FIVE FUCKING SECONDS and staying down for long stretches of time. At least it's an area thing, not a "my modem is broken" thing (they said a machine in the server blew up. Charming), but it was supposed to be fixed by now and it's NOT.

My new employer requires direct deposit, but I don't have a bank account because Bank of America screwed me over for $600.

And for some retarded-ass reason LJ won't let me use my layout anymore, so I don't have one anymore.


ETA: Well, at least the ElJay thing is fixed, it seems.

ETA: I celebrate my ElJay being fixed by changing my layout. I was in a Nine/Rose mood, not that I don't love Ten/Rose or Journey. I still have a Ten/Rose mood theme.
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