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Doll Shit Yay!

This is mostly for the benefit of kissystarcowboy, because I can't get on AIM to let her know that everything arrived safely.

Here's the outfit that Tabby (my Jess) arrived in. I actually don't think it's as bad as Colette made it sound. It's a little too far on the punk side for Tabby's tastes, but I expected something along the lines of a plaid jacket and striped slacks. (The shirt is the Communist Party shirt that Inky's made (in)famous by now.)

A little red lunchbox! Squee! Now I just needs me some lunch to put inside of it. Or other random tiny things (there's nothing in it, for those wondering).

AG Club espadrilles! These are perfect for the red and white bandanna dress that mstangeledwebs made me.

Jacket to the Petals & Plaid outfit. I actually love this. Aside from the bright pink that designate it for Rose in the future, it actually buttons up. No velcro or snaps. The star is embroidered on with silver thread.

Mary appropriated the skirt. Random pic of her, because people like pics of Mary for some reason, and because she looks really frickin' adorable here (she'll look better when I iron the skirt).

Tabby, in a fall version of Nicki's tie-top outfit (slacks instead of shorts, sneakers instead of sandals). I have more stuff coming for her when my return order gets processed, but for now, I think this is cute.

I will squee later when I am not in a homicidal rage over my Internet problems. Crossposted on Playthings and ag_over_18, but this is the only place with my Jess's name.
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