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Bang Up Day!

So I finally found a bank that would have me. They won't let me have a debit card for another six months, but I'll get paid and I can get my money if I do it in person. So money's good. (Yes, they'll take my direct deposit.)

Then my dad's future wife, Val, decided to let me drive. I only have a permit and haven't driven in nearly a year, but we went into the mall and while leaving I hit another car! :D What happened was when I parked, they parked too close to me while I was inside and I'm not used to maneuvering around them being that close. I got mostly out, then smacked into the back of the car. And I mean, every move I made, that other car was rocking. We thought for sure both our cars were heavily damaged and wedged together. But nope, no damage to either one. Val has a "car bra" over the front end, and that seemed to cushion the entire thing. No scratch, dent, even scuff. And once you hit another car, the rest is sort of gravy.
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