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Weirdest Day EVAR

My day just goes from weird to weirder to weirdest...

1.) Went to open bank account with future stepmom. Success. She suddenly wanted to take me out to lunch. Get lunch, go to Dad's work, where they proceed to act like kids for an hour. Things were thrown at me.

2.) We go shopping. I am forced to drive for the first time in a year. I hit someone, but neither car is damaged.

3.) But first, while shopping, I found at a shoe store THE GREEN CHUCKS I HAVE BEEN COVETING FOR FOREVER AND A DAY. Didn't get since I had no cash, but it doesn't seem like they'll go anywhere for a while, since my size is a size no one ever needs.

4.) I find out dad's gotten a transfer to Ft. Dix, NJ, and he thinks he can get me housing there, too. For those playing along at home, Ft. Dix is 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and an hour and a half away from NYC.

5.) Finally make it home. Grandmother has to go to the hospital for the evening, so I'm alone. Certain someone's at the door while I am in the bath, get the bright idea to go and answer the door bare-ass naked. No, no one was there, but really. WTF?

6.) Grandmother gets home, tells me I have an appointment with a holistic therapist, who works through psychiatric issues through herbs, deep breathing, and the new agey stuff I like.

7.) Grandmother also tells me that she's got a date for tomorrow.

8.) This. slytherinblack didn't scan them for me, but she showed them to me so I fucking love her.

ETA: 9.) Apparently, my dad knows I smoke(d). He's the person I didn't want finding out because he'd have a headfit. He didn't care, but nice that he finds out over six months after I quit.

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