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Assorted Randomness

1.) If my stuff doesn't get here before the con I am going to have to beat someone.

2.) Rami, what shoe size are you? I have small feet, but I have some black boots I never wore that are a bit big for me if you want to borrow them.

3.) Watching old re-runs of Tales from the Crypt is not conductive to writing Hojofic. You'd think it would be, but unless you're trying to write really bizarre humor (and I am fighting the urge to), it's not. I really wish they would release TftC on DVD, though. Damn, I love that show...

4.) The pressure in my head's not letting up. I made my mother check on me last night when I went to bed to make sure I wasn't having some sort of brain hemmorage. It's a little better today, but if it doesn't go away by the end of the day I am going to the doctor. (Don't worry: nothing short of surgery will keep me away from Otakon, even if I have to drag myself there using my arms.) I'm gonna call in sick to work today and switch with someone for Friday and Saturday (since everyone's already pissed at me for taking off for a week), so if anyone wants to call me today then go ahead.

5.) Izumi over there on my layout is starting to remind me of Hojo. I blame hojo.org's "bishounen Hojo" doujinshi pics and Izumi's glasses. And my medication (or undermedication).

Now to go and stalk the mailman. He should be here at around 9 or 10. Maybe I'll watch my fave. movies again (that's where I was all night last night).

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