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So I just got back from my first day of training. The safety trainer was the awesomest English dude ever. He was hysterical. I thought it was funny when people were complaining that they couldn't understand him, though. I knew watching all of those BBC shows had to be good for something. And thanks to then sending me to the wrong training for an hour, I got him twice. I aced his quiz and got a safety badge. I'm always fascinated by meeting cool people in Maine, especially if they're from a foreign country and thus I have to wonder what terrible thing they did in a past life to end up here. He also worked in MicroHell as well, and commiserated with me. Ended up in Maine and working at MicroHell? He must have been a serial puppy kicker in a past life or something. Other fun facts about him include that he was in the British military for 21 years until he broke his back playing rugby. He told us lame British jokes. I'm going to request an ergonomic workstation (I probably would have, anyway, because of my arm) just to talk to him again.

The rest of work was pretty painfully boring after that, as I expected training to be. There was one incident where the instructor got pissy about us getting ahead, and my computer logged itself out and made a noise because she was talking too long, so she started yelling at me about going ahead, no matter how many times I told her I was actually behind (the rest of the class backed me up as their comps were doing it, too). Having only an hour of sleep in 24 hours doesn't help, either (and I'm still staying up until at least after Heroes). At least the people in training with me didn't suck and were pretty nice to me. And everyone was talking about the Sox, so I'm glad I stayed up to watch the game.

Speaking of the Sox, I can has icon! Drawn by jesidres, but ivydoor iconned it for me.

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