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A Guy Named Goo

Me? Actually tagged?

I never get tagged for memes. This may have something to do with the 50/50 odds of me actually doing them when tagged, so people don't bother anymore. Anyway, I got tagged by larissa_j, so I will oblige.

Ten Happy Things In my Life Right Now:
1.) Although training is boring as hell, so far my job does not suck! So far. I've only been there for two days, but I got to have lunch with two awesome co-workers today, including the really really awesome English guy.

2.) Life on Mars. NOT THAT MY FRIENDS COULDN'T TELL OR ANYTHING. (I'm so sorry, slytherinblack. You totally get the full brunt of it, because you're named Mars.)

3.) The Red Sox going to the World Series. I'd be happier if they actually win.

4.) My dolls. I get mixed feedback from people on my flist about the doll collection, ranging from "it's weird and creepy" to "it's so cute and unique". I often forget that fellow doll collectors make up only a handful of my flist, and thus the dollsquee probably gets old and/or creepy. But I really do love my dolls. I love customizing them, developing their characters, getting tiny clothes to dress them in and tiny accessories for them to play with, and I have at least two, possibly three, more coming to me (INCLUDING THE LONG AWAITED ROSE).

5.) Doctor/Rose, Sam/Annie, Nathan/Peter, Claude/Bennet, and my other OTPs, which make up my happy places.

6.) Heroes Season 2. It was slow going, but it's building up momentum. It's going to be an awesome season. I just hope I can have one more year where I don't have to regret my tattoo.

7.) The really really hot Gene/Sam RP I'm doing right now. Mmmmm.

8.) My friends, especially trollopfop and slytherinblack, who put up with a lot of crap from me like you wouldn't believe, and for very little reward.

9.) My plotbunnies. They'd make me happier if they'd actually leave their droppings on my paper.

10.) Pocky. Sweet Jesus, I have Pocky!

And I tag... trollopfop, slytherinblack, kittikattie, kissystarcowboy, and thanx2mj2.

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