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Hojofication 33% Complete

I finally got my lab coat today. Actually, I got it sooner than I thought (although I told Rene (reunion) this morning that I was fairly certain that I would get it today. (Just had a feeling. In fact, I've delayed going to bed to wait for it because I was so certain). It's a bit tight around the waist, something I can probably remedy by not buttoning that button (it doesn't look that bad, but it's enough to make me self-conscious). Anyway, as usual, here's my prelim cosplay pics (usually sent by AIM but I'm kinda scarce on there lately except late at night now) for all those who are interested:

Taking your own pic on a sucky webcam is easier said than done. Just look at my intense concentration!

I'll probably get my brother to get a full pic of me later (and of my Maguruma coat). Sorry for the buck teeth, but I was concentrating and chewing my lip again. Anyway, that's me putting my glasses eeeevily on the bridge of my nose, which if my memory of Halloween and my Ban sunglasses serves me right, gets pretty damn annoying after a while (especially since you can't actually see out of your glasses when they are like that).

Just need my wig and my pens now, though! (And my security ID, lovingly supplied by Manda (rufustehshinra) and Drake.)

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