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Doll Dilemma

Someday, I am going to set up filters, and one of them will be "PEOPLE WHO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GOO'S DOLLS" so the rest of you poor saps don't have to be spammed with my creepy hobby.

Anyway, on to the dilemma. I don't want to post this on PT just yet because their response is usually "OMG YES SPEND MORE MONEY ON THE DOLL SHIT YAY" and although >18 is usually more rational in terms of how one empties their wallet, there are folks over there I don't really care to have their input on who shall remain nameless, but suffice to say I'd probably get a long diatribe on what she plans to buy instead.

I am having a mild love affair with the '70s right now. I have to admit, none of the really historical historicals have appealed to me partially because my favorite periods in history are "pre-American European periods" and "about the 1960s onward", periods AG hadn't touched before. It's a love affair that started with my realization that '70s music really kicked ass, was reaffirmed by Supernatural bombarding me with said kickass music, and Life on Mars being set in the '70s. And now we have Julie, out at the height of my '70s fascination.

So with this set up in mind, I am seriously thinking about trying to get a complete Julie collection, especially now that she's new and doesn't have much to get. What she does have, however, is three big, expensive items. And there's also the fact that I don't plan to buy Julie and Ivy themselves for quite a while.

So my real question is, am I utterly insane for wanting to collect all of Julie's stuff, even without having Julie and Ivy? Am I utterly insane for wanting to do it to begin with? Keep in mind I'd only get the little things, including the godawful and overpriced Barbie head, until I move and have more room and money. I just figure between her being the time period I like and not having anything close to retirement yet, plus being able to collect before she has an overwhelmingly huge collection, maybe I should.

Thoughts? Opinions? Eyerolls? "WTF 70s"?
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