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The Decision

Thanks to the many, many more people than I expected to who weighed in on the doll collecting issue, including people who don't collect. I figured instead of replying to each one of you saying "thanks, here's my decision..." I'd just update you.

First, here's a chart for my personal reference of things that I get as I collect them. Stuck behind a cut, to spare you, but stuck into my memories so I can grab it quickly.

Name Price Own
Julie Doll $87.00  
Julie's Accessories $20.00  
Meet Julie Paperback Book $6.95  
Hoops Outfit & Accessories $28.00  
School Lunch Box $20.00  
School Locker $175.00  
School Bleachers $75.00  
Julie Tells Her Story Paperback Book $6.95  
Julie's Casual Outfit $24.00  
Julie's Cap & Scarf $14.00  
Julie's Dog Walking Set $36.00  
Happy New Year, Julie Paperback Book $6.95  
Julie's Christmas Outfit $24.00
Julie's Christmas Gift $18.00  
Julie and the Eagles Paperback Book $6.95  
Julie's Journey Paperback Book $6.95  
Changes for Julie Paperback Book $6.95  
Julie's Pet Bunny $20.00  
Julie's Pajamas $22.00  
Julie's Bed & Bedding $118.00  
Julie's Room Accessories $38.00  
Julie's Sound Accessories $28.00  
Julie Mini Doll $20.00
Ivy Doll $87.00  
Ivy's Accessories $20.00  
Good Luck, Ivy Paperback Book $6.95  
Ivy's New Year Outfit $24.00  

Keep in mind I am aware that I am not taking into account the fact that books come with dolls, I can get accessories with dolls, I can get both dolls and their accessories together, I can get all the books together, or I can get all of her bedroom stuff together. I did that intentionally, since it's an itemized list mostly, I just put the price so I get a rough idea of how much my collection is worth.

So first up I am getting Julie's Sound Accessories, since it seems like it would be highest on a retirement list if Julie were to get retirements any time soon, plus it's just frickin' adorable. I am not sure if I am going to get the cap and scarf with the casual outfit or with the sound accessories, but that's the next outfit I'm getting (yes, I do like it).

Thanks again for all your input!
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