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Well, for the first half of the day I was out doing the town (or, at least, the mall) with chaoticset. First, I stuffed me some b'ar:

He is the new 2007 Winter bear. The tag on his right ear has a pin with the bear on it. I named him Schnee (German for "snow") because the word makes me giggle. He is very soft, although he shed tinsel for a little while, and I love his color.

Then I decided I needed me some shoes. So I decided to go whole-hog and get me my dream shoes:


So I was happy until I got to work, where I got the most obscene call ever that caused me to have a panic attack on the floor, so they sent me home and switched my shift to Monday. On the one hand, yay still working. On the other hand, boo working four days in a row. Of course, that's nothing compared to the six I'm working in a row after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, yay for shoes!

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