A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Why I'm Not On a Comm Anymore!

1.) Someone makes an icon post on time_and_chips that has one Doctor/Rose icon and the rest are Doctor/Martha, thus making it OT/obviously trying to bait the Doctor/Rose shippers to her journal.
2.) larissa_j sends a mod a polite e-mail to this effect.
3.) Mods ban larissa_j, post text of e-mail, lock their comments box, don't touch the post in question.
4.) Someone posts about the situation on wank_report.
5.) Everyone calls larissa_j a batshit Doctor/Rose shipper who freaked at the sight of seeing Doctor/Martha, despite all evidence to the contrary (she is known for taking high-quality screencaps and sharing them with many comms, including Doctor/Martha and Freema comms).
6.) People come to defend her, are obviously called batshit.
7.) More laughing at Doctor/Rose shippers and calls for a comm to exile all wank dealing with them.

I don't like being a crazy that goes ZOMG CONSPIRACY. That said, fandom_wank will do anything to paint Doctor/Rose shippers as batshit and hate them. Which they could have in this case. Except they went after the wrong people.

So as of today, I have made an important life decision:

I'm Harmonian. I don't give two shits about Harry Potter or the shipping therein, but I like being on the wanky side. For my Christmas present, I want someone to photoshop an icon of the Doctor reading an HP book that says "THE DOCTOR IS A HARMONIAN".

ETA: I gots my icon! Thank you, lizzybees, my Doctor/Martha loving pillar of sanity amidst a see of *headdesk*!
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