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All I Want for Christmas...

...is ONE FUCKING DAY where some major, world-shattering, specially-calculated-to-push-me-over-the-deep-end catastrophe doesn't happen. I guess technically I got one yesterday, because this one waited until 2:30 AM to rear it's nasty-ass head, but fuck a duck, universe!

Okay, long story short: get up to go to the bathroom (no, this isn't leading into TMI territory), step in water (it isn't, I promise). Figure my grandmother decided to shower last night to save time, since she had to be up and out early this morning...until I turn on the light.

MY ENTIRE FUCKING BATHROOM CEILING IS LEAKING. As in, it's seriously going to fucking cave in at one point (it's been snowing all night) any fucking second now unless we can rouse my aunt Lisa's boyfriend and get him to come over about FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES AGO with his roof rake.

All of the books I had in the bathroom are ruined, too. My copy of Hippo Eats Dwarf, my fucking copy of the entire His Dark Materials series that I've barely gotten a chance to open...the only thing that saved my Doctor Who book was the fact that it had a hard cover, and even then I haven't dared to open it to inspect the damage.

So yeah, I'm spazzing about the books, but more to the point, I am spazzing about this FUCKING SHIT HOLE THAT I CAN'T SEEM TO HAUL MY PATHETIC ASS OUT OF, with the floor about to cave in in about three different places and now the roof about to cave in. It'll be a fun adventure to see which one gives first, I reckon.

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