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Doctor Who Spoilers and Speculations and Ramblings OH MY!

CHRISTMAS SUCKED. There, I said it, not elaborating because I whine enough on my LJ lately. Moving on to the meat of this post:

I watched Voyage of the Damned. I have not much to say about it other than to flail a bit at you at the moment. You may see a reaction post in a day or two. You may see nothing as I write the movie reviews I told someone I was going to work on. But what I will do is give you some theories and speculation I formulated based on the S4 trailer, some Doctor/Rose related, some not.

So my first impression, other than "why does Donna look so much like Harriet Jones this season?", followed by "wait, I think that was Harriet Jones in there *rewind*", followed by "now I'm so damn confused", was this season looks like it's going to be keeping with a "bringing back" theme by first bringing back old enemies (and old faces if the Harriet Jones thing isn't my sleepless brain), or at least bringing back the Ood, which is a big shining beacon for BRINGING SOMEONE BACK. Also, there seemed to be a general tone of the Doctor looking for something a lot. We know Rose is coming back already, so the foreshadowing bit is just me trying to add something that isn't there, I reckon. Still, the Ood are a rather conspicuous player in the trailer (and repeatedly shown) and we know that the arc where they were introduced was the arc where the Doctor admitted he wouldn't mind settling down with Rose. Also, Martha only got shown for half a second. Huh.

Anyway, what my major speculation is is the mystery evil lady. I think she's the big bad of next season myself, from how often she's shown and the myriad of situations she's shown in. Really, I find myself wondering if she could be the Rani, but if that's true, then "Last of the Time Lords" is a phrase that will start to hold about as much weight as "Last of the Custard Pies". But there is a scene where it appears that the Doctor has two sonic screwdrivers, one concealed in a pen (or he's sonicing up the pen because he just looked at it and said "this could be a little more sonic" and I'm totally misreading the scene), and between that and the multiple time periods the lady is shown in, it seems to support my "evil Time Lady" theory. I briefly toyed with an "evil Rose" theory, but 1.) Billie Piper herself is reprising the role. That ain't Billie Piper and 2.) even if she's some sort of alt!evil-Rose, she has blue eyes. Rose has brown. So for now I am liking my Rani theory, for all that I think it's way, way, way too soon for yet another "oops, the Doctor isn't the last one" plot.

All I know for know is that that lady? That evil lady? Yeah that one?

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That one? She's totally my new girlfriend for now. She just is. Unless she kills Rose. Then I am so breaking up with her. Through a text message, even.

I was going to end here, but then I saw the Heroes S3 trailer from the Jules Verne Film Festival here, and had to throw in this one last thing...

Sylar x Angela OTP? Well I guess she is quite a cougar...

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