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Thanks a whole lot to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday. There's so many I kind of gave up commenting individually, although I really, really want to. I'm just afraid I'll miss someone and they'll wonder when I stopped loving them and it'd become a thing, so safer to do it here.

So the birthday haul is meager so far. I may be going to see Juno later, because my brother can get me in for free, if the weather isn't bad (fun fact: oftentimes defying the weather reports and the odds, it snows every year on my birthday here. It's been 40-45 all week and today it snows. I love snow, so I usually like this, but not when I actually want to leave). Also got some lovely v-gifts from larissa_j and slytherinblack. *Loves* I wish LJ would take my damn prepaid cards so I could send some back to people. I know they used to because I've sent them before.

Anyway, last bit of the haul, jabberwockypie sent me some RENT stuff from NYC! ^_^

Behold, me at 22. Same as me at 21, but with a new shirt! Which is what I wanted to get a picture of. On the back it says "No Day But Today" across the shoulders, but I couldn't get a pic of that by myself. (Added bonus: look for my new scar over my left eyebrow.)

And this ornament, which I hung up on my wall. It's made of metal and on the back has the lyrics to "Seasons of Love". I love both of these things a lot. ^_^

And because it's my party and I can spam if I want to, random shot of what's on my necklace:

I've had the tourmaline (it's green, but you need to hold it to the light to see it) for about a year and a half and never take it off. Took it off for the first time this past weekend to add the Heroes symbol, which was a belated Christmas/early birthday gift from a friend (she also has one and gave one to another of our mutual friends).
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