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Doctor Who Figures?

Okay, so the Doctor Who toy site rejected my card on the basis of the name and billing address on the card not matching the info I gave (hint: it's a prepaid credit card, which has no name or billing address. LJ does the same thing). When I went to tell them about this, I realized something: they have no contact info on the site, which makes me hesitant to try to do business with them.

So any of the folks on my flist with figures, can you recommend me a good site with reasonable shipping costs?

ETA: Never mind. I learned something tonight, and those of you as fond of prepaid cards as I am might want to take note: it turns out if you actually register the card like they tell you on the big sticker over the back of it, then it'll have your name and billing address on it. It even says "FOR ONLINE ORDERS PLEASE REGISTER" right on it. So yeah. Not feeling terribly bright right now.

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