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The Love Meme

Awww, I got tagged. I has the warm fuzzies. <3 Anyway, here's the meme with my picks. There's only room for ten of you but note that I love a lot more than ten of you on my flist. If you don't get tagged, just think that I love you enough not to give you any extra work to do. ^_~

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own. And remember the larissa_j clause: If I tag you after you've been tagged, for goodness's sake don't do this again!

1.) trollopfop - Closest friend, platonic soulmate, better half, everything else a guy could need in this life and beyond. Words can't express how much I love ya, babe!

2.) slytherinblack - Best friend and all around kook. Where most of my bizarre references and inside jokes come from. I'm a hopelessly bad influence on you, so sorry about that. ^_~

3.) jabberwockypie - Always good for a pick-me-up right when I need it, and a sympathetic ear when that's not what I need. And always good for some Doctor/Rose squee.

4.) ivydoor - I don't hang out with my fellow D/R shippers as much as I would like to anymore, especially now that I don't go into the chats anymore, but your posts are as thoughtful as they are entertaining and remind me what makes our little corner of the fandom so great.

5.) jesidres - Obligatory chibi reference: I've linked your chibis far and wide to the new fans that I am helping to enter the fold. But it's also nice to have someone else on the flist who lives in New England and can get their Red Sox squee on with me, along with Doctor Who. And who else would draw the Doctor and Rose in the Red Sox logo? ^_^

6.) larissa_j - You always make me laugh with your cracky polls and picspams, and are usually the go-to journal when I need a good pic of David Tennant for whatever reason (and it comes up more than you'd think). Also, I never received LJ v-gifts before I met you, and whenever I get a new one it's the highlight of my day.

7.) principia - You're smart and thoughtful and have taught me that it is possible to disagree with someone on the Internet without it becoming an "argument" or a "wank" and there being no hard feelings during or afterward, which has been invaluable to me, someone who tends to take things personally. We don't always see eye to eye, but you make me think, and you make me think calmly and rationally, and I respect that a lot.

8.) stateparks - For giving me a venue to voice my loud mouthed opinions on crappy movies and Asian horror, and for being a really cool guy to just talk with and an amusing reviewer in his own right. (PLUG! Video Sewer, for easy-to-digest and entertaining reviews on all the movies you never heard of or cared to watch!)

9.) lizzybees - My first Doctor Who-loving, AG collecting friend, with a great sense of humor and intelligence on a message board that, let's be honest, rarely shows any. And for making me threesomes/TARDIS-wide orgies are a great solution to the dilemma of you being a Doctor/Martha shipper and me being a Doctor/Rose shipper. ^_~

10.) kittikattie and bean_bunny - Okay, so that's technically putting me up to eleven, but my journal, my rules, and if I want to spread more love, I don't see where that's a problem. ^_~ Thanks both of you for giving us adult AG collectors a place to bitch and snark without having to think of the childrens all the time or worry about hurting people's feelings when we don't love everything AG comes out with, or don't agree/disagree with something Mattel's done now. Also, for your always entertaining and wonderfully executed photostories. I only wish I had skillz like yours. And finally, for making me reconnect with my old Nintendo fanboy roots, albiet mostly just Zelda and Metroid right now.
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