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Tonight I went to the Penobscot Theatre production of Little Shop of Horrors. It was cheap because it was a dress rehearsal, but it was the final rehearsal so other than a little mishap at the beginning of the second act, it was as good as it was likely to get and they didn't stop for anything. I was actually really impressed by the cast. I admit I wasn't going in expecting some great talent from a small theatre company in Bangor, ME, but they actually were all really awesome. About the only complaints I had were whoever was Audrey II's puppeteer was a bit sluggish with working the mouth, and you could clearly see his shadow on the wall of the shop when the turned up the lighting onstage. Also, at the end, a vine hit me in the face, but it was made of fabric so it jumped me more than hurting me (which was supposed to be the point, although that seemed to be the only vine that fell low enough to hit the audience).
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