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21 May 2008 @ 12:15 pm
Japanese Stuff! Whoo!  
slytherinblack recently got back from her semester in Japan, and sent me a box of awesomeness with many great souvenirs that I actually meant to take pics of a while back, but failed to. So here they all are! And a huge thank you to Mars again, in case she didn't get my gratitude already. ^_^ There's some Ace Attorney stuff in here, for the people who aren't interested in my haul but interested in that.

A tiny happi coat from MLB opening day (Red Sox vs. As) in Japan. Mars was at the game and grabbed this for me, because I'm such a huge Sox fan.

Back of the happi coat.

Lilo & Stitch chopsticks.

Detail of the chopsticks.

Real, honest-to-goodness gashapon with their plastic capsules! I've never gotten any with the capsules before, just the boxed ones.

Milly from Trigun (sorry for the weird angle, but this one doesn't like to stand upright so I had to lean it against my TV).

I believe this is Goemon from Lupin III. I'm not familiar with the series so I can't be entirely sure. It was actually a very difficult to assemble figure.

Walter from Hellsing. I had to superglue his monocle on and almost superglued my fingers together again in the process.

A geisha doll. Her kimono is very silky and she actually has glass eyes.

Banana flavored Kit-Kat. There's actually a lot of weird Kit-Kat flavors in Japan, like strawberry and green tea.

An Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney phone strap! I actually think the charm is the Japanese for "take that" rather than "objection", but I could be wrong (I've only seen the Japanese objection bubble once). The pattern resembles Apollo's bracelet.
ETA: Thanks to Mars and Court Records, I now know it says "Soko da!", which is "Gotcha!" in the English version.

A real magatama! I believe Mars said she got this at a museum.

My phone with all of the new junk hanging off of it.

The package the Apollo Justice phone strap came in.

Card inside of the package that the magatama came in.
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...stuff and things.deuceloosely on May 21st, 2008 05:00 pm (UTC)
Jbox didn't have the pumpkin KitKat by the time I was able to order (and I reeeeeeally wanted to try those). I did manage to get Green Tea (decent but a tad odd), Apple (good but kinda strong), and Sakura (my favorite variation of all - smooth and not overly sweet). If the S&H weren't such a killer, I'd make more a habit of ordering from them...
bean_bunnybean_bunny on May 21st, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
That figure looks a bit like the samurai guy from Lupin. I forgot his name. I used to looooooove that show, though; it's totally worth watching.