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Awesome Goes Global

Quick storytime: a couple of months ago, there was a chat to celebrate the completion of a Phoenix Wright/Elite Beat Agents crossover fic (which I will pimp because it is most awesome and totally worth it). In this chat there was some discussion of the Phoenix Wright kinkmeme, and people tossed around the idea that EBA fandom should have one, too, despite it being so small, hoping it might lure some lurkers out to play. I ran with the idea and the EBA Fanmeme was born, and much awesomeness was had by all, as people came out of the woodwork to share their writing and artistic skills in abundance. The response was greater than I or anyone in that chat could probably have imagined.

Today I found a popular Japanese fanartist stumbled across the meme, and he also bows before its awesomeness, and has contributed his own response to one of the prompts. I just love when a plan comes together. And thanks to everyone on the Fanmeme, you folks are beyond awesome.
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