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Ah, the conversations...

Goo: Someone did a rock remix of Caramelldansen. My day is complete.
Mars: lol yessss
Goo: http://www.sheezyart.com/view/1801951/
Mars: thank you, I was about to ask
Goo: Characters from fourth PW game, but no spoilers
Mars: why does the one guy have penis hair?
Goo: He does in canon. It's generally viewed as a great tragedy.
Mars: there's a sentence I never knew I'd utter.
Goo: It's actually even bigger in canon. Someone has something to compensate for
Mars: *sporfle*
Goo: Okay, had that up for five minutes, I think its safe to say it's on loop and I can stop now
Goo: http://www.court-records.net/arts/gs4guidebook/18-daian02.jpg Senor Penishair
Mars: holy shit
Mars: holy penis!
Goo: There's penis hair, then there's PENIS HAIR
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