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Hey, Ace Attorney Fans!

Anyone who is into Phoenix Wright rec me a comm for Edgeworth/Franziska or Phoenix/Franziska fans? Or, failing that, just some fic recs? I joined justice_for_het, but other than one cute fanart, the place is dead (surprise surprise). I don't want to join gyakuten_saiban because fandoms as a whole scare me now and I don't want to fall in again, but I poked around for a while and due to lack of tags, I ended up distracted by pics of really friggin' hot cosplayers for about half an hour before I even remembered what I was there for. I even went to the pit! (Don't go to the pit.)

I am starting to feel lonely in my love of Franziska. ZOMG I AM SO OPPRESSED. I need to work on my fic bunnies, too, but I have two, neither of which have Franziska in them and one actually set during the Apollo Justice era.

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