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TV in Haiku: Heroes 3x05

A long time ago (seriously, about five years ago) I used to do anime summaries in haiku. They were snarky little things I wrote because I can rattle off haiku pretty fast. At the time they seemed to catch on, but not only did I stop doing them, I totally forgot I did them until I was looking at the archives of an anime comm the other day.

So I decided, since everyone and their cousin does reaction posts and meta, I'll start doing haikus of the latest eps of all my favorite shows. Of course, Heroes being my most favorite, I have the problem of the fifty zillion storylines not lending themselves well to haiku. So I'll do a trio to try to summarize the major events. This is by no means everything that happened.

Claire hunts black hole guy
Bennet wants to kill Sylar
Black hole guy kills self

No, Hiro, stay good!
Is Ando really dead now?
I miss dorky fun

Nathan's faith shaken
His powers were created
And daddy's alive
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