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When I was at Toys R' Us the other day, I noticed something I want every DS owner on my flist to take to heart: Elite Beat Agents is only $5 there. Hell, I got my copy for $15, with a DS case, extra styluses, and a cleaning cloth. This game is dirt cheap right now, and you know what? It's ridiculously fun. It's hilarious, it's addictive, and even if you don't like a song you're playing, usually between the story, dancing, and reaching for that high score, you won't friggin' care. So I want everyone who owns a DS, and whether you like rhythm action games, don't like them, have played Ouendan, haven't played it, are hardcore or casual with your gaming, to run out and buy a copy of this game. Best five bucks you'll ever spend. And with today's economy, what else are you going to get for $5? A candy bar? Hell, I am sorely tempted to buy a second copy of the game for that price, despite owning my copy since before I owned a DS and my brother already owning a copy, so I don't have anyone to give it to. (Maybe as a gift for a lucky gamer on my flist or prize for a contest...)

This Message Brought To You By Goo's Desperate But Diminishing Hope That a Sequel To This Game Will One Day Appear.

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