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TV in Haiku: Heroes 3x06

Pretty short tonight. I can accurately sum up my feelings in one, mostly spoiler-free haiku:

Hi, my name is Goo
You hurt my Petrelli boys
So prepare to die

Hey, haiku doesn't lend itself to the accurate Inigo Montoya speech. Okay, the spoilery part: I've actually wanted Peter's powers turned off/knocked down a peg for a while now. I think it'll return him to the fresh-faced, innocent, naive boy I've grown to love eventually, especially now that he can be rid of Sylar's power. So maybe this'll be better in the long run. Still not terribly happy about the situations my boys are getting into, though. As I've told people many times: my sanity hinges on the Petrelli boys being together and all right in the end. I'm so screwed. (And since someone once asked, no, I don't count Sylar in that mix. Sorry, but I only count the brothers with the Petrelli last name.)
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